Zwart. Afro-Europese Literatuur uit de Lage Landen

The anthology Zwart. Afro-Europese Literatuur uit de Lage Landen (in English: Black. Afro-European Literature from the Low Countries) was launched on 1 February in TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

It’s a collection of stories - fiction and non-fiction (in Dutch) - by writers  with African roots from the Netherlands and Belgium. The authors’ backgrounds differ in terms of their homeland, culture, and language, but they share a hybrid identity. The book is edited by Vamba Sherif and Ebissé Rouw.

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The included authors in alphabetical order (homeland-origin/country) from left to right:

  • Simone Atangana Bekono (Cameroon/Netherlands) - writer, poet |  Begrafenis
  • Neske Beks (Gambia/Belgium/Netherlands) -  actrice, writer
  • Heleen Debeuckelaere (Rwanda/Belgium) - historian
  • Nozizwe Dube (Zimbabwe/Belgium), student
  • Clarice Gargard (Liberia/Netherlands) - journalist
  • Dalilla Hermans (Rwanda/Belgium) - opnion maker, writer 
  • Sabrine Ingabire (Rwanda/Belgium) - student, writer
  • Kiza Magendane (Congo/Netherlands) -  student,writer
  • Ahmad Al Malik (Sudan/Netherlands) -  writer
  • Alphonse Muambi (Congo/Netherland) - writer
  • Hélène Christelle Munganyende (Rwanda/Netherlands), 
  • Olave Nduwanje (Burundi/Netherlands) - lawyer, activist
  • Melat G. Nigussie (Ethiopia/Belgium) - publicist
  • Seada Nourhussen (Ethiopia/Netherlands) - journalist
  • Anousha Nzume (Cameroon/Netherlands) - actrice, writer, opinion maker
  • Olivia U. Rutazibwa (Rwanda/Belgium) - academic
  • Vamba Sherif (Liberia/Netherlands) - writer
  • Babah Tarawally (Sierra Leone/Netherlands) - journalist
  • Chika Unigwe (Nigeria/Belgium) - writer
Articles (in Dutch)
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