Video: (Dutch) Surinamese Creole And Hindu Poetry in Jazz Blues and Rap - 'Silence of the unspoken Word'

Dobru (page of the book)
The 'Silence of the unspoken Word' is a Dutch music project which celebrates the poetry of 3 great poets of Suriname, Trefossa , Shrinivási and Dobru. The project is put together by guitarist/songwriter Dave MacDonald who was inspired by the significant oeuvre of these poets.

The music is sung in Surinamese or Sranan Tongo (the English-Dutch creole language), Sarnami (the Surinamese variant of Hindi) and Dutch. It's performed by established artists, young singers and rappers.


Freedom, a poem by Dobru

Kavi Aur Shab (the poet and the word) by the Surinamese Hindu poet Shrinivási.

Video: Neti (Night), a poem by Trefossa.

I added a my own English translation for this song/poem Neti (confident that I will remain faithful to its spirit).

Wan krara koti, ne pis-pis gowtu,
Den fadon fadon, na dungru gron.
Wan krara koti, ne pipit gowtu,
Den laj na loktu sote.
D’e brentji brentji, d’e spentji spentji
D’e pinji pinji den aj
M ‘e opo mi ede, mi ati e firi,
Wan fin prisiri, fu tru
Wan krara koti, na dusun stari
Fadon na djari, den lolo g’we.

Den lolo g’we

A chain is broken, now pieces of gold
They fall down on the dark ground
A chain is broken, now raw gold nuggets
They fill the whole sky
They blink, they shine, they wink
They squeeze,  squeeze the eyes
I lift my head up, my heart feels,
a pure delight, for sure
A chain is broken, now  thousands stars,
 fall down in the garden, they roll away.

They roll away

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