Watch the lost Strolling web series of Cecile Emeke again

British-Jamaican filmmaker Cecile Emeke created the world famous web series 'Strolling' back in 2014 and 2015 to capture the narratives of Afro-European youth in order “to collect and connect the scattered stories of the black diaspora." Unfortunately the series are no longer available on her YouTube channel. Because some episodes are still available on other channels, a small compilation of some of the trailers, and the complete episode 1 of the French Flâner series.

About the Strolling series

About the series Vice magazine writes, 'Emeke's most impressive achievement is her ongoing web series Strolling, a discrete string of beautifully shot documentary shorts dedicated to illuminating the diverse yet frequently connected experiences of the international black diaspora. Alongside England, Emeke has filmed in France (Flâner), Holland (Wandelen), and Italy (Passegiando). Each episode is dedicated to one young person, who speaks openly and critically on a variety of issues, from feminism, sexuality, and race to philosophy, art, and capitalism.'

Interview Cecile Emeke

What's it like to be young, black and British? The answer won't be found on UK TV says filmmaker Cecile Emeke so she created her own YouTube channel as a platform for black voices.

In this video short snippets of interviews with Kevin (@kevinmorosky) in Shoreditch in London, Bekke (@beckythatscool) in Dalston in London and with Fanta (@littleglissant) near Gare Du Nord in Paris.

Flâner - France

episode 1 (complete episode). A stroll with Gaëlle and Christelle (@jijiako & @crystallmess) near Pont De Choisy, Paris. They discuss black French culture, "Bande de filles", Afrofuturism, Fatou, sisterhood & more.