'Adua', The Afro-Italian Diasporic Novel by Igiaba Scego - Forthcoming In English

Igiaba Scego

The diasporic novel 'Adua' (2015) by Afro-Italian writer Igiaba Scego is translated in English, the novel will published by New Vessel in June 2017.  

Adua is a portrait of a woman who is in search of herself trough a journey from Somalia to Rome. The Italian magazine Panorama writes: "This book depicts the soul and the body of a daughter and a father, illuminating words that are used every day and swiftly emptied of meaning: migrants, diaspora, refugees, separation, hope, humiliation, death.”
Short synopis: Adua, an immigrant from Somalia to Italy, has lived in Rome for nearly forty years. She came seeking freedom from a strict father and an oppressive regime, but her dreams of becoming a film star ended in shame. Now that the civil war in Somalia is over, her homeland beckons. Yet Adua has a husband who needs her, a young man, also an immigrant, who braved a dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea. When her father, who worked as an interpreter for Mussolini’s fascist regime, dies, Adua inherits the family home. She must decide whether to make the journey back to reclaim her material inheritance, but also how to take charge of her own story and build a future.  See the synopis, exerpt and reviews at Newvesselpress.com

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