British Writer Sharon Dodua Otoo Won Major German-Language Fiction Award

Sharon Dodua Otoo. Photo by SN/ORF
"Black British writer wins major German-language fiction award. Sharon Dodua Otoo takes €25,000 Ingeborg Bachmann prize with Herr Gröttrup Sits Down, about the rocket scientist who worked for the Nazis, then the USSR, " wrote The Guardian. She won the award in July.

Sharon Dodua Otoo started her journey back in 2011 when she launced her witnessed book series. A  books series which captures the voices of German authors in English. A project that turned out to be very succesfull. 

In an interview (video) on ORF,  Dodua Otoo is asked what literature can do that political engagement can't do. She explains that political engagement to her means protesting and  voicing your opinion on social issues, like racism.  Literature on the other hand can give people the oportunity to let them see the world from another perspective. This will perhaps create the possibility that we can be more emphatically towards each other.