'Breach' - The Refugee Crisis in Calais Told Through Short Stories

Writers Olumide Popoola (right) and Annie Holmes (left). Picture: video still.
Breach tells the story of the refugee crisis through six voices based on interviews with refugees in Calais. These stories uncover realities of fleeing one’s country by any means necessary.

The stories are written by London-based Nigerian-German writer Olumide Popoola and London-based writer and filmmaker Annie Holmes (who is originally from Zimbabwe).  Read more about the book 'Breach' at website of Olumide Popoola.

The Calais refugee camp, nicknamed 'the Calais Jungle', is a migrant encampment in the vicinity of Calais, France, where migrants live while they attempt to enter the United Kingdom.


In the video both writers talk about the living conditions in the camp. It's Monday morning, the 2nd of November in 2015.

The video 'Calais migrants: life in the Jungle' gives an impression of the camp. There is also a photo impression of living in the Calais camp at the Guardian.