'Winter Shorts' by Clementine Burnley and Sharon Dodua Otoo

Sharon Dodua Otoo (l), Clementine Burnley and book Winter Shorts
“The stories in Winter Shorts depict characters who are displaced in many senses: geographically, socially, culturally, linguistically – and, most importantly of all, they are black people in a white world. The winter of the title clearly stands as a metaphor for the cold, alien environment of Germany and Austria in which the characters, and perhaps the authors themselves, are outsiders.

The majority of contributors to this volume are appearing in print for the first time. Witnessed is to be congratulated on having supported this project and for having provided this platform for black voices to tell their own stories in their own words.” 

    Máire Davies, Honorary Fellow, Royal Holloway, University of London, United Kingdom

Winter Shorts, the fifth edition of the Witnessed Series is a collection of delightful short stories edited by Clementine Burnley and Sharon Dodua Otoo featuring original work by the authors Noah Hofmann, Njideka Stephanie Iroh, Elsa M’bala, Muriel Mben, WoMANtís RANDom, Tigist H. Schmidt, Monique Simpson and a creative collaboration with Bino Byansi Byakuleka. The cover image was designed by Sita Ngoumou.

All linked to a German-speaking country in winter time, each of the stories introduce vivid characters in sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic and sometimes tragic circumstances. This anthology showcases stories that move: to laugh with, to cry over, to reflect on, and to inspire…


Clementine Burnley was born and raised in Cameroon. She has worked as a (critical) development researcher and consultant for long periods in England, Italy and Germany. Writing is something she came to quite late in life. Now she writes because she feels she has to. Clementine is a proud mother to three reflective and wise young women. In her work and life she continues to learn from the active people around her how to live joyfully within a destructive system.

Sharon Dodua Otoo is a Black British mother, activist, author and editor of the English language book series “Witnessed“. Her most recent publication is the German language novella “Synchronicity“ (edition assemblage, 2014). Sharon‘s first novella “the things i am thinking while smiling politely“ was published in English in 2012 and appeared in German as “die dinge, die ich denke, während ich höflich lächele“ in 2013 (both also in edition assemblage). She lives, laughs and works in Berlin.

A book launch will be held in Berlin very soon. Watch this space!

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