Simi Bedford: 'Yoruba Girl Dancing' and 'Not With Silver'

Simi Bedford
Simi Bedford is best known from her novel Yoruba Girl Dancing  (1991), a novel  about Yoruba girl who, at the age of six, journeys from her home and privileged life in Nigeria to receive an education in England.

The problem is that she is facing considerable discrimination in her English private school. The Africa she knows and the Africa Great Britain imagines clash in her mind, and it is not until her late adolescence and the arrival of her family and friends from Nigeria that she is able to arrive at a more secure and de-colonized self-image. (Source Two Postcolonial Childhoods)

It's a coming-of-age novel that focusses on issues of identity in the postcolonial period of England and Nigeria.

Not With Silver

But  Bedford also wrote the novel Not With Silver (2007). This novel is an account of slavery told through the story of one African family's experiences across generations. See good a review at The Independant.

In an interview in Woman's Hour, Bedford says that she is a descendant of slaves. Although she is born in Nigeria, her parents are from Sierra Leone.