Poet Kat Francois - Tube Rage and Ordinary [Absent Father]

Copyright: Kat Francois
On her website she writes: "Kat is a performance poet with many accolades, including being the first person to win a UK televised poetry slam, held on BBC3 in 2004. 

Following this success, Kat was invited to take part in the World Slam Championships in Rotterdam, competing over 2 rounds against national champions from Canada, USA, Sweden, Australia, Germany, South Africa. Kat won the competition and was crowned World Slam Champion 2005. Kat has been published in a number of anthologies. Her first collection, Rhyme and Reason, was published in 2008."



I was 12 when we first met
You spotted mum and me in the street.
Jumped in the back of your blue Ford
She told me you were my father.
I shyly said hello,
There were some similarities
You had teeny mouse ears just like mine
Our skin colourings matched, dark chocolate.
But I dreamt you would be taller
With a handsome movie star face
Dazzling pearly teeth
And manicured nails.
I dreamt you’d have a deep man voice,
A warm enveloping laugh.
I dreamt that when we met you would hug me
And shower me with love and long lost apologies.
But that did not happen
You were ordinary
You could have been anyone’s father
I made a mental note to ask mum if she was sure.
I took sneaky looks at you
Through the rear view mirror
You smiled
I did not smile back.

copyright Kat Francois

Website: www.katfrancois.com