Meet Afro-Italian Writer Jadelin Gangbo

Jadelin Mabiala Gangbo is a writer, born in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo, in 1976. He lived between Imola and Bologna since he was four years old. He recently moved to London, where he now lives, according to wikipedia.

Gangbo has published several short stories and novels in Verso la notte Bakonga (Portofranco) (Toward the Bakonga Night), and Rometta E Giulieo.Verso la notte Bakonga is a portrait of the Italian society and culture through a construction of a different identity and influences. In fact, Gangbo narrates a story of a young man from Bakongo, born in Brazzaville but raised in Italy.

His last creation Due volte, is a novel about the adventures of twins in a religious institute, waiting for the release of their father from prison.

Meanwhile, the brothers grow up and are confronted with two cultures: the Congolese origin and the Italian in which they are in contact. While one of the two, David, is drawn to the Catholic philosophy and the promise of eternal life, Daniel loves Agatha, a girl who was raped by her uncle.

Around them, moves a world of characters who reflected the ills and hopes in Italy in the 1980s: Pasquale, a young racketeer, Giò Giò the complainer, single mothers, Gypsies, sisters and teachers. Gangbo is the winner of a literary award for migrant writer, Eks&Tra.

Hope to find a translated (in English) piece of work of him, because his works represents an interesting Afro-Italian fictional narrative.

In the video Jadelin talks about the Italian city of Bolognia.