In French: Bessora - Marginalized Women in 'Cueillez-Moi Jolis Messieurs...' ('Pick Me Pretty Sirs...')

The novel Cueillez-moi jolis messieurs... (Pick Me Pretty Sirs...) by Gabonese-Swiss  Bessora is a story about the relationship between two women who are both marginalized by circumstances.
Claire is a HIV infected language teacher, who is divorced after twenty years of marriage and abandoned by her friends.  When she wants to commit suicide,  she is rescued by Juliette Ebinel, a young widow with two daughters, who has nowhere to go. By expressing her gratitude, Claire hosts Juliet and her daughters in her already cramped apartment.  As time moves on Claire regains her thirst for live, while Juliette continues her endless search for housing to get out of her condition as an outcast.

Bessora leads us into a ruthless and cruel world.  The world of "no" , the world of the  undocumented and the homeless.  Her characters seek a normal live and an uneventful existence, but they have to overcome many obstacles to fulfill their dreams.

The novel Cueillez-moi jolis messieurs... (Pick Me Pretty Sirs...) of 2007 received the Grand prix littéraire d'Afrique noire.

Who is Bessora

Bessora, full name Sandrine Bessora Nan Ngueaia, was born in 1968 in Belgium. Her father came from Gabon , her mother from Switzerland and she grew up in Africa, Europe and the USA.  Bessora means ‘She who is sharing’.

She wrote several novels and short stories. Her debut novel 53 cm (1999) refers to the measurement of the rear of a young mother who immigrated to France and is looking for a residence permit. Bessora writes the story within a satirical framework, in which she attacks a society which has lost any sense of orientation and proves itself as completely overwhelmed with the integration of immigrants. For her second novel Les Taches d'encre (Ink Stains) of 2000, which also deals with racism,  she was awarded the Fénéon Prize. 

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