In French: 'Banlieue noire' by Thomté Ryam

Thomté Ryam
The downfall of a talented football player in a French ghetto, is the theme of the debut novel ‘ Banlieue noire’ (2005) by Thomté Ryam. He describes the universe of French suburbs through the eyes of a footballer. It’s alternative vision of the suburbs, away from negative stereotypes in the media.

Main character is Sebastien, a young man of a city near Paris. He hopes to be spotted by a professional football team so he can be drafted in the pro leage.  His dream comes true. His team will play a crucial match, and at this game scouts of professional team will follow his performance.   “Three days to wait and we need to focus”, he says to himself.  But in the suburbs, that’s not easy. The day before the match, Sebastian goes to a party with friends. The descent into hell begins.

Who is Thomté Ryam

Thomté Ryam was born March 19, 1979, he is a young French writer of Chadian origin.
He now divides his time between Paris, Dreux and Les Mureaux (78).

In 2005 he published his first novel ‘Banlieue noire’, with a prefaced by Lilian Thuram.  

Thomté Ryam is one of the founders of the collective ‘Qui fait la France ?’ (Who is France? ‘), which includes eight authors who have published a collection of stories entitled Chroniques d'une société annoncée (2007).