Germany: Olumide Popoola's "This is not about sadness"

Olumide Popoola
"This is not about sadness", is the first debut novella (2010) of  the London-based Nigerian German author, poet, performer Olumide Popoola.

in "this is not about sadness", an unlikely friendship between two complex and traumatised London-based women, one an older Jamaican, the other a young South African, is explored through each character's use of specific language to relate to space, memory and silence.

An extract from 'This is not about sadness' by: Olumide Popoola
Experiences come in all manners. They spread and engage, tug and pull, question and challenge. Much longer than you desire. My name is Tebo. Tebogo. I arrived yesterday. It is spring, they say, but I wasn’t prepared for this. What a strange city. It looks nice outside with the sun shining, the clouds sitting fat and well-fed underneath the blue of the sky, but when we stepped out of the cab it was not as I had expected it. Eish, the wind is too cold! It hits from the west, drops sharply south, then spreads into all directions. Everything shivers. It is cold but I’m glad I’m here. If not for Lucky and his broad smile I would be crying right now. But I’m glad I’m here. Really. I’m here to forget what happened on the corner of Koma and Potch.   Read more at